In the News

MTD contingency visits VMT
October, 2013 Rory Bringhurst, MTD's chief engineer and +++++++ flew to Provo to understand the claims of the Universal Transmission. Following the extensive discussion MTD spokesman stated that they would like to enter into a contract to develop the Universal Transmission for their applications.

CASE/New Holland and FIAT representative investigates VMT
March, 2014  Representing the parent company, FIAT, as well as CASE/New Holland (owned by FIAT), Dr. Francesco Pedrielli fly to Provo from Italy to see for himself whether or not VMT actually had, as claimed, the ONLY positively engaged, infinitely variable transmission. He came away impressed and convinced that VMT's Universal Transmission was inventive, original, should be mass produced relatively quickly and could indeed be capable of handling great torque, unlike all other CVTs.

Dr. Pedrielli Delivers his findings to Italy's center of vehicle research
April, 2014  Dr. Pedrielli, who visited VMT in March, made his very favorable report to Italy's national center of research. They recommended Dr. Pedrielli proceed with plans to now report to the leaders of CASE/New Holland and FIAT on the great opportunities in adopting the Universal Transmission from VMT.

CASE/New Holland skeptical of VMT claims 
April, 2014  Before seeing the report and hearing of Dr. Francesco Pedrielli's assessment of VMT's Universal Transmission, they expressed skepticism that a CVT could be created with positive displacement so it would not use friction in providing infinite increases of ratio change. They had been working for some time on the solution to replacing friction in changing ratios so that a CVT could be used in medium to high torque applications. After a thorough review with Dr. Pedrielli they concluded that VMT's Universal Transmission could provide the breakthrough in having the advantages of infinite increments of ratio change, namely fuel efficiency, but have the advantage of being used in medium cars, trucks and other vehicles as well as vehicles requiring high torque such as large trucks, tractors, off-highway equipment and wind turbines.